Success Rate of our Mental Health Programs in Schools

A Strong Research Foundation,
Proven Results

ESS is helping districts reinvent the way school-based mental health care is delivered- and we have the research foundations and the data to prove it.

All ESS clinical care is grounded firmly in research-driven best practices. We constantly monitor the ever-evolving state of clinical care and have a powerful training approach to keep our staff members current.
In addition, ESS tracks data on every student who has received our services, collecting objective measurements about the impact that our programming has on student mental health.

The effectiveness of our comprehensive clinical
programming is demonstrated in our results.


2022 – 2023 ESS High School Programs

¹Therapeutic outplacement care includes residential treatment and out of district placement for Tier 3 students.

²Tier 3 students who entered program with a GPA of less than 2.0.

³Students with five or more absences in the marking period prior to enrollment in ESS.

⁴Tier 3 students who entered the program with multiple prior suspensions.


of students are prevented from a therapeutic outplacement¹


Academically struggling ESS students increase their GPA by a full letter grade²


Reduction in absences for students with chronic absenteeism³


Decrease in suspensions for students with history of severe disciplinary issues⁴

Intensity Care
• 34,807 PRN Sessions
• 31,252 Therapeutic Check Ins
• 36,025 Family Sessions
• 83,245 Individual Sessions
• 103,712 Group Therapy Sessions
• 23,275 Learning Strategies Sessions

A Symphony of Interventions

ESS clinical programs have been uniquely designed as a “symphony” of interventions
working together to provide a powerful level of care for students with the most
intensive mental health needs. All interventions used in the ESS therapeutic care
model have a strong basis in research. An independent study by IESD, a third party
research firm, discusses the most effective approaches to treatment of students with
mental health challenges and how ESS clinical programming aligns with their findings.
Image of testimonial icon
I cannot even begin to share the value that this program for students with autism has brought to the Special Education department and to the students as a whole. In this district, we do everything in our power to ensure students’ success. With this program, I can honestly say that, as a district, as a department, we are preparing our students for the future. I cannot thank you and your staff enough.
- Ms. Sonya Boyer, Director of Special Services, Morris Hills Regional District

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Our Unwavering Focus on Data Collection

At ESS, we have an unrelenting focus on data, measuring results, and communicating to our partners the proven impact our programming has on mental health, school outcomes and financial sustainability.

With every ESS partner, we will:

• Set data driven goals at the beginning of every implementation

• Have regular “Report Card” meetings in which we share the impact of ESS services

• Monitor data along the way to look for potential risk areas so that these can be proactively addressed

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