Mental Health Vision and Planning

In order to make meaningful changes to a school district’s mental health care programming, districts must first have a clear understanding of their current strengths and weaknesses, a focused vision for improvement, proper policies, procedures, protocols, and tools to deliver high quality clinical care. ESS can help districts analyze their current mental health programs and provide recommendations on how to improve their mental health plans, while building internal capacity to put their Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) into practice.

What is Mental Health Vision and Planning?

  • Clear, data-driven understanding of mental health needs
  • Focused strategic plan for building mental health capabilities as well as coaching and consultation for district clinical professionals
  • Strong processes and procedures to guide and evaluate effective mental health efforts
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What does ESS provide?

  • Mental Health Needs Assessments and Strategic Planning
  • MTSS “Playbook” Consultation or Design
  • Clinical Consultation and Capacity Building

Mental Health Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning

Using our proprietary assessment checklist, ESS consultants provide districts with a detailed report of what they are doing well to support the mental health of their students, what they need to do to improve, and recommendations for improving the quality of mental health care at their schools. ESS also supports districts in creating actionable, measurable strategic plans for accomplishing mental health improvement goals.

MTSS Playbook Consultation and Design

For districts interested in building their internal clinical capacity and strengthening their MTSS continuum, ESS provides MTSS “Playbook” Consultation and Design. As part of this service, ESS will review a district’s current processes and artifacts, discuss best practices and standards, identify key focus areas for improvement, and provide technical support and assistance to district teams to develop the policies, procedures, and artifacts required to operate high quality clinical programming that adheres to MTSS best-practice design principles.

Clinical Consulting and Capacity Building

ESS Clinical Consultation experts provide districts with real-time support by working closely with the school district counseling staff on managing complex student cases that take up the majority of their time. ESS has a team of over 300 clinical professionals whose expertise can be drawn upon to help advise districts on specific focused areas of care. In addition, ESS can design and deliver a program of professional learning focused on state of the art evidenced-based practices to help build capacity for a district’s clinical professionals.
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ESS is making such a difference for our students and our district. ESS students are attending classes, getting involved in school and are now able to benefit from all that our district can provide.
- Dr. Michael Weismann, Assistant Superintendent, Westfield, NJ

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Our Unwavering Focus on Data Collection

At ESS, we have an unrelenting focus on data, measuring results, and communicating to our partners the proven impact our programming has on mental health, school outcomes and financial sustainability.

With every ESS partner, we will:

• Set data driven goals at the beginning of every implementation

• Have regular “Report Card” meetings in which we share the impact of ESS services

• Monitor data along the way to look for potential risk areas so that these can be proactively addressed

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