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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Effective School Solutions (ESS)?

Effective School Solutions (ESS) provides comprehensive therapeutic interventions for students with emotional and behavioral needs. Our mental health programs for schools can include a combination of weekly individual therapy, group therapy and family work.

ESS services supplement mental health programs that already exist in school districts. We’re committed to working collaboratively with school districts to support the mental wellness of all students and to create healthy and positive school climates.

The goal of ESS programming is to complement the great work a district is already doing, typically providing a higher level of mental health care for students most in need. To do this, ESS brings together clinical staff, proven programming, sound oversight, and a mature system of quality and risk management to meet the needs of students with severe emotional and behavioral challenges. Our program includes individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and support groups, as well as proven protocols, and evidenced-based approaches.

ESS provides clinical programs, professional learning, and consulting services to help districts introduce mental health solutions and build a mental health continuum of clinical care that supports the needs of students.

ESS offers over 30 professional development workshops. We also distribute Insights, a monthly newsletter. Each issue highlights an important mental health topic and provides practical applications of the findings for the classroom and school environment. Our objective is to equip educators with an expanded toolkit to identify the signs of mental health challenges with students and to de-escalate challenging behaviors in the classroom.

ESS programming can be appropriate for students with IEPs and 504s, but also for general ed students who need additional emotional or behavioral support.

Yes! An important component of the ESS program is professional learning and mental health training for teachers. Information will be distributed once the sessions for districts have been scheduled. In addition, ESS offers free professional learning webinars every month. MindBeat®, a weekly ESS newsletter, will include registration links for the current month’s webinars.

ESS works closely with districts to ensure that each student in the program can receive both individual and group therapy without interfering with their academic programming.

Parents / Caregivers can expect to receive regular / routine updates and check-ins from their child’s clinician. Frequency and duration of family therapy is dependent upon each student’s needs and scheduled with the student’s clinician.

Your ESS clinician will be in contact with the district and parents/caregivers on a regular basis providing updates regarding the student’s emotional health, grades, attendance, and discipline. ESS staff work both collectively and collaboratively with all academic and administrative staff who are involved with the student.

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Our Unwavering Focus on Data Collection

At ESS, we have an unrelenting focus on data, measuring results, and communicating to our partners the proven impact our programming has on mental health, school outcomes and financial sustainability.

With every ESS partner, we will:

• Set data driven goals at the beginning of every implementation

• Have regular “Report Card” meetings in which we share the impact of ESS services

• Monitor data along the way to look for potential risk areas so that these can be proactively addressed

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